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Expat Travel Blog, Cartagena and Barranquilla, Colombia

Colombian Women vs Dominican Women


Date posted: Apr, 02, 2023

Key Takeaways:

Colombian Women Won't Ask for Money as Fast as DR Chicks

The sheer quantity of very hot available girls in Colombia absolutely blows away the Dominican Republic.

Most of the top-notch DR chicks have already left for the US.

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DR chicks are more amenable to first-date hanky-panky.

Colombian women are better: They're better looking, more cultured, and more of them. Period. They are not necessarily "nicer" or more honest however. Colombian women are more educated and interesting; they're more enjoyable to talk to. 

All the Good Dominican Chicks Have Left

The fundamental fact is that 15% of the Dominican population resides in the US. The really top-notch girls immigrate nearly immediately. They get snatched up by moderate income Dominicans who travel back. Or they meet through family members. My guess is that they just don't stay on the market very long. 

Sheer Numbers: the Percentage of Girls that Are Smoking Hot in Colombia is Much Higher

Both in terms of per capita percentages, and the sheer volume: there are just so many more very attractive owmen available and in the market in Colombia. I don't know why when it comes to the per capita aspect, but obviously you know that the popuplation of Colombia is about five times that of the Dominican Republic.

Colombian Girls Will Try to Find a Husband: the Long-Game

Colombian women tend to play the "long game": they don't try to grab money right out of your pocket the first day they've met you. If you've got a decent head on your shoulders you know that your social standing and your job DO play some part in whether a chick decides to be with you. It seems like Dominican chicks would hit me up within the first five minutes: Oh I need to buy some medicine. Of course the Colombian girls do this on occassion as well: just not as much. There are a large number of women in the DR who are going to pretend as though they are your girlfriend but they are really just a whore.

Colombian Women are More Interesting

Now there's a cultural aspect in which I think Colombian women win as well. They come from a culture that is not like a colony of the United States. The Dominican Republic, in many ways, feels like part of the United States or a backyard of the United States. In Colombia, they really have more of a sense of having different values and they don't always imitate something when it is from the US. 

DR Girls Will Hit the Sack Faster

Dominican women will generally hit the sack with you faster than Colombian women: I have to grant this point. I have to say I appreciate this aspect of women in the Dominican Republic. I'm not looking for something short-term, but you often do not know the person well enough to say you're going to marry right off the bat. Being forced to wait for a month is not really fair I don't think.

Colombian Women Often Can Put Food in Their Own Mouths

Regarding the money aspect, I went out with a Colombian girl not that long ago in Barranquilla, and she had her own car. It was a recent model that costs $12,000. She's not rich, but she's not super poor either. She has one child, and she was not asking me for money. In the Dominican Republic, it seems like there's almost always pursuing an angle, and they play the short game, trying to get money out of you.

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