Expat Travel Blog, Cartagena and Barranquilla, Colombia
Expat Travel Blog, Cartagena and Barranquilla, Colombia

Colombia vs Brazil: Cultural Differences


Date posted: Apr, 02, 2023

Key Takeaways:

Brazilians are more honest.

You will do slightly better with the ladies in Colombia (most guys I believe will, I did/do)

Envy is an acceptable personality trait in Colombia, it's rather shunned in Brazil.

There are noticeably more bookstores in Brazil than Colombia.

Brazilians more closely resemble Americans (culturally), than Colombians.

I'd like to touch on various points and make a comparison between the two countries, focusing on aspects like envy, honesty, dating culture, education, and infrastructure. 

Firstly, I observed that there is more envy in Colombia than in Brazil. This can be felt throughout society, not just towards foreigners. Brazilians seem to be less envious. It would take too long to describe how one can ferret out that envy is the source/motivation for some negative social behavior, and I assume you didn't come here for something you may have already guessed at yourself.

Brazilians are more individualistic than Colombians, treating people as individuals rather than categorizing them as foreigners or locals. I here there word "Gringo" far more often in Colombia than I do in Brazil. When any sort of conflict of interest arises in Colombia, the fact that I am "in Colombia" is often brought up: this happens with noticeably less frequency in Brazil.

Brazilians also tend to be more honest and less sneaky compared to Colombians. While deception and trickery can be found in both countries, it is noticeably less prevalent in Brazil.

In terms of dating culture, Colombian women may be more accepting of age differences and could be more attractive in certain aspects compared to Brazilian women. Brazilian women are generally less scammy and more straightforward in their intentions.

I have a less difficult time finding bookstores in Brazil: you know the Barnes and Noble type of place. There are quite a few in Brazil, and they've got a large and wide selection. 

On a per capita basis, Colombians have higher IQs than Brazilians. 

Brazilians, quite rightfully, exhibit more pride in their country than Colombians. Yet they are decidely less collectivist than their Bolivarian cousins to the north.

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